Safety and Security Audit Training Registration

Safety and Security Audit Trainings

This training requires two steps prior to registration:

  1. Complete the online Safety and Security Audits course through the School Safety Learning Portal: This course will introduce key concepts of a safety and security audit and is a prerequisite for the TxSSC’s in-person School Safety and Security Audit Training. The online course will provide instruction on the audit process including statutory requirements, establishment of audit teams, conducting intruder assessments, conducting the on-site facility audit, writing reports, making recommendations, and reporting results.

    Go to the School Safety Learning Portal

  2. Register for and attend an in-person School Safety and Security Audit Training: After successfully completing the online course, each participant will be given a unique code that will enable them to register for the in-person course. Please enter your course completion code below to access the registration form.


The access code provided upon completion of the "School Safety and Security Audits" online course is a one-time use code and valid only for these School Safety and Security Audit Trainings.