2018 Individual Registration

SayWhat! Action Summits


  1. Every participant must be registered through the online registration form.
  • Youth must currently be in grades 6-12 to participate in a Say What! Action Summit.
  • Groups are encouraged to bring at least one (1) Adult for every eight (8) youth.
  1. The Lead Adult Sponsor for each group is responsible for making sure all participants from his/her group (both youth and adults) have completed the online registration form by the registration deadline.

  2. The Lead Adult Sponsor for each group is responsible for mailing or emailing the Emergency Contacts and Medical Info Forms to the Texas School Safety Center for all participants from his/her group (both youth and adults) by the registration deadline.

  1. Registration for each group will be confirmed once all Participant Registration and Emergency Contact Forms have been received for your group. Confirmation will be sent to the Lead Adult Sponsor via the email provided.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Sponsors are responsible for notifying TxSSC of ALL cancellations no later than 7 days prior to the Action Summit. TxSSC may charge organizations for all late cancellations and no-shows a $50 penalty per person to cover lost food and supply costs.

By submitting this registration form, I understand that:

  • I am responsible for my own behavior and the behavior of my group while at the Action Summit.

  • I must stay on-site for the duration of the Action Summit but will notify TxSSC staff should I need to leave the premises.

  • I will participate in all Action Summit activities as much as possible.

  • I release TxSSC, DSHS and Action Summit partners to use ideas, photographs, audio and/or film that may be taken during Action Summit activities. Please email TxSayWhat@txstate.edu to opt out.

SayWhat Action Summits
Please select the summit you will be attending.
Attendee Information
Enter the name of the supervising adult for your group that is also registering for the Action Summit.
This is how your group will be identified at the Action Summit. Please use the same name when registering all other members of your group.
This name will go on your nametag.
Contact Information
Make sure this is an account you currently use, since you will receive registration confirmation and other important information.
Additional Information
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Lead Adult Sponsor Info

This section should only be completed once per group as part of the Lead Adult Sponsor registration form. For any changes to the number of participants in your group contact TxSayWhat@txstate.edu.

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