2023 Say What! Youth Group Award Nominations

Say What! Texas Tobacco-Free Conference

The Say What! Youth Group Award application encourages you to submit links to any videos, pictures, articles, or news media coverage you may have for the youth group you are nominating. So please gather those links before completing the application.

This application will also require responses for the following questions:

  1. Tell us a little bit about this youth group and what they are currently doing in their school and/or community.
  2. What are some major accomplishments this youth group has achieved in youth tobacco prevention?
  3. Why are you nominating this youth group to receive a Say What! Member Award. (Please provide a detailed explanation.)
  4. Please upload any videos, pictures, article links, or news media links you may have for this youth group.

The deadline to submit your nomination is May 14th!

Please click the 'Continue to Form' button to complete your application now.