Emergency Operations Plan: Submit More Information to TxSSC

School Safety Readiness: ISD EOP Review

EOP Submit More EOP Information Instructions

In order to submit more information about your Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for Texas School Safety Center review, you will be required to upload one or both the additional files requested in the email you received, and provide some identifying district information.

Please ensure that you have located ONE OR MORE of the additional EOP files requested in your email and that they are saved in Adobe.pdf format.

  1. EOP Basic Plan
  2. Communicable Disease Annex (CDA)
  3. Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)

Also please make sure you have the following district information:

  1. Full district name
  2. City where your district headquarters or main office is located
  3. ESC region

If you click the Continue to Form button below without all the required information and you are unable to complete the form, it will not save a partial submittal and you will be required to start over.

Once all the above information is collected and all the files are saved in Adobe .pdf, click the Continue to Form button below to complete the submittal form and upload the documents.

If you have any questions about the EOP submittal/review process please contact the Readiness team at txssc_eop@txstate.edu.